TANIT solid hair cleansers are waste-free and all-natural. Each bar has been specially crafted to address hair types for healthy, beautiful results through a sensorial foam experience.




Crafted with natural elements like clay minerals, natural oils, and powders, the hair is revived, and the scalp is stimulated.


A moussing formula that cleanses, nourish hair and protects it from aggressions with an enveloping fruit scent.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • No plastic, no sulfates, no preservatives




# 1 Ghassoul Clay : the volcanic clay's natural sediments absorb impurities and deep cleanses without drying the scalp.


# 2 Prickly pear powder : Highly rich in antioxydants like vitamin E, it restores shine and vitality to dull hair, while fighting against free-radicals.


# 3 Rosewater : a natural toner that soothes hair against frizz.


# 4 Castor Oil : a nutrient-rich vegetable oil made with essential proteins and natural fatty acids that protect hair from external aggressions and stimulate its growth.


Sodium cocoyl isethionate *, Moroccan lava clay, Linum usitatissimum seed powder, Ricinus Communis seed extract, Cocos nucifera oil, Mangifera indica butter, Opuntia ficus indica seed powder, Stearic acid, Rosa damascena flower water, Simmondsia chinensis seed extract, Aloe barbadensis leaf, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Natural fragance, Iron oxide


* Sodium cocyl isethionate (SCI) : non-aggressive surfactant derived from coconut. It deeply cleanses and provides a smooth lather.

OASIS Solid Shampoo | Nourish + Restore + Protect

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