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TANIT is the soul of a young couple of engineers, passionate about scientific research and madly in love with nature.

It was born of a real thirst for sharing: natural beauty, outstanding discoveries, ancestral know-how, but above all, well-being.

" It is by observing nature that man has made great discoveries "

"When science and nature love each other so much that they decide to unite for your well-being"

We have acquired a unique know-how while handling rare bioactive raw materials.


Its coupling with our scientific expertise has given birth to these precious active care products. 





Well-being is more than just a moment of relaxation.

It's a care of oneself, a real lifestyle.

It's a healthy way of life: conscious and reconciled with nature.

We harvest what we sow ... 




It is by pampering each plant that we manage to offer you a maximum concentration of active ingredients.

Step 1: We seek to understand her specific growth needs.  

~ To find the best way to take care of her and so, of you.


Step 2: Travel to the heart of science, in our laboratory, at Dorval.

~ For a maximum dosage of its effectiveness.

" Because mother nature's happiness is always yours "


' Everything that comes from nature has benefits.

We bring out the maximum of the minimum.

Nothing is thrown away.

Avoiding waste and overexploitation is our priority.'

To do so, we work to valorize all our by-products by researching innovative extraction processes, at the cutting edge of technology.

" Being content with little is the starting point of well-being "

Be fully aware of where your everyday companions come from and their impact. Each of our products promises to tell its scientific history, but also human history.

If they exist, it is thanks to the women's cooperatives, committed and caring, who join their forces to offer us:

organic and fair trade seeds, fruits and plants.

" Happiness is the only thing that doubles when we share it "

By adopting the TANIT philosophy, you naturally contribute to the financing of rural development projects in the less favoured regions and to cancer research!




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(514)-4484-971 ​

769 Av. Lajoie,

Dorval, QC, Canada

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