Who are we ?

We are Zohra and Mehdi, a couple of engineers,

passionate about scientific research

and crazy in love with nature !

TANIT is born from a real thirst for sharing:

natural beauty, surprising discoveries,

ancestral know-how, but above all : well-being.

Our mission

Enable each of you to take action for the planet, without having to compromise on efficiency, convenience or sensoriality.

“When science and nature love each other so much that they unite for your well-being”

Created to promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle, your daily essentials TANIT are easy to carry and pleasant to use.

✓ No water formulas, concentrated in active ingredients

Refillable and reusable containers

✓ Gentle and non-toxic natural ingredients

✓ Zero plastic waste and no preservatives

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Our values


We are inspired by the best that nature has to offer to develop high quality and safe products.

We carefully select the best ingredients for a dosage with maximum of effectiveness.


We are constantly searching for the perfect synergies of botanical active ingredients.

In our laboratories in Dorval, we use all our know-how and expertise to offer you innovative associations.



We favor local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while supporting the local economy!

Contact us


(514) 631-0001 ​



9070 Champ-d'Eau, 

Saint-Léonard, QC,


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